Why Should I Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?

Why Should I Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon? image

Why Should I Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?

Is it better to choose a female plastic surgeon? Maybe—it really depends on your preference and what you are looking for in your plastic surgeon! Knoxville women who are considering plastic surgery have great options for a plastic surgeon in East Tennessee. While some women are comfortable seeing either a male or female plastic surgeon, there are definitely some who prefer only to see female doctors.

                   "Some women feel most comfortable with a female doctor"

If you prefer to have female doctors, then stop reading and contact us now to schedule your consultation with Dr. Megan Jack—one of the only female board-certified plastic surgeons in Knoxville. If you’re not sure, read on for the top reasons why you should choose a female plastic surgeon in Knoxville, TN.

A Female Plastic Surgeon Goes Through the Same Aging Process As You

It’s inevitable. . . we ALL age and no one can escape it! Those of you who have a plastic surgeon on speed dial can slow it down or even reverse some aging changes. While male plastic surgeons can be knowledgeable about female aging, they’re simply not going through the same aging experience as Knoxville women. Biologically, we experience differences in how we age—cognitively, emotionally, and physically. A female plastic surgeon is going through the same aging process as you—faster bone loss leading to more pronounced lack of tissue support, gravity pulling some of our more delicate areas “south”, thinner skin leading to earlier and more prominent fine lines and wrinkles, and hormonal changes that influence metabolism and fat distribution. When your plastic surgeon is a female, like Dr. Jack, and experiencing the same changes as you, it can make it easier for her to understand and relate to you.

Knoxville Female Plastic Surgeons May Experience the Same Body Concerns As You

Let’s be honest. All women feel self-conscious about some part(s) of their body at one point or another in their lives. Society places such high expectations on women’s physical appearance. They want us to do it all and look good doing it—and if we’re honest, many of us would admit we want that too. The most common consultations East Tennessee plastic surgeons see are for breast surgery, body contouring surgery (like Tummy Tuck), or both—your classic Mommy Makeover. While not all women have had children, many of our patients have. . . and so has Dr. Megan Jack. As a mom of 2 beautiful, young girls she can intimately relate to the head-to-toe changes women experience from pregnancy, hormones, birthing, and mothering. Selecting a female plastic surgeon in Knoxville, such as Dr. Jack, you may find that she shares the same concerns about her own body as you do and can empathize with your feelings.

A Female Plastic Surgeon May Be Better Able to Understand Your Aesthetic Goals

A key part of your plastic surgery consultation and surgical planning is clarifying your aesthetic goals for your body and communicating them to your plastic surgeon. If your surgeon is not clear on specifically what you want and how you want to look, it makes it hard for you to be truly happy with your cosmetic surgery outcome. Because many women feel more comfortable with female doctors, choosing a female plastic surgeon in Knoxville may make it easier for you to explain your goals for surgery. The combination of a doctor who takes the time to really listen to your concerns, pays attention to the details, and with whom you feel more comfortable talking to may just make choosing a female plastic surgeon in Knoxville, TN right for you.

You May Feel More Comfortable Showing Your Problem Areas to a Woman

Some patients (male or female) are simply more comfortable around female doctors, especially when it comes to being touched and examined. An essential part of your cosmetic consultation, the physical exam, requires you to disrobe and show your problem area(s); and you may be embarrassed to do so in front of other people. Even if it’s not a particularly delicate area, some patients innately feel more comfortable showing a female physician areas of her body that make her feel self-conscious. It can absolutely be intimidating for you to meet your doctor for the first time and then quickly be asked to reveal some of the most intimate parts of yourself—both physically and emotionally. A female plastic surgeon, like Dr. Megan Jack, may feel like a more comfortable ally with whom to share these problem areas.

East Tennessee Plastic Surgery Offers Patients a Male and Female Perspective

ETPS is the only private plastic surgery practice in Knoxville, TN that offers patients the option of a male or female plastic surgeon. We work as a dynamic team to offer exceptional, safe care in an environment where you are part of the ETPS family. Similar to building a friendship, establishing a relationship with your plastic surgeon is essential to a positive experience and happy outcome. Mutual trust is critical to successful doctor-patient relationships. You deserve to have the time to establish that trust and to really understand what you’re getting into. . .and THAT is what our ETPS Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Tim Wilson and Dr. Megan Jack strive to provide. If having the time to discuss your goals, have your questions answered, your surgery explained, and building a trusting relationship with your plastic surgeon is important to you, you may want to choose a female plastic surgeon near you, like Dr. Jack of East Tennessee Plastic Surgery.

How Can I Find a Female Plastic Surgeon in Knoxville?

There’s no better Knoxville female plastic surgeon to choose than Dr. Megan Jack of East Tennessee Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jack is a board-certified female plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, tummy tuck, body contouring, and Mommy Makeovers. She has years of experience and has developed a reputation for listening to her patients, taking the time to answer questions and explain recommendations, being attentive to the details, and for helping women achieve the plastic surgery results they desire. To learn more about Dr. Jack, head here. If you’re ready to meet Dr. Jack, contact us today to schedule your consultation. Stay beautiful.

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Dr. Tim Wilson and Dr. Megan Jack are board-certified Plastic Surgeons in East Tennessee--your ONLY male and female board-certified plastic surgeon team in Knoxville, TN. They offer the only male and female plastic surgeon team in private practice in Knoxville to give you the option for both perspectives and for your comfort. They offer East Tennessee over 35 years of combined experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Both doctors are passionate about delivering top-notch care and the best results possible.

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