Benefits Of An Arm Lift

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An arm lift is a cosmetic procedure that can help to create a dramatically smoother, more toned arm contours. For individuals who have experienced significant weight loss or suffer from excess skin on the arms, this procedure can be very beneficial. Arm lift surgery also boasts many other benefits, including:

Increased Confidence- An arm lift can restore a patient’s self-esteem! Before an arm lift, many patients are self-conscious about the way their arms look. However, after surgery, you can show off your toned, smooth, and taut new arms.

Hidden Scars- As with any surgical procedure, an arm lift results in some scarring. However, arm lift scars are hidden in the inner arm, armpit, or back of the arm, so they are less noticeable. There are also creams that can be used to reduce the appearance of scarring for even better results.

Removal of Excess Skin- Excess skin and fat that hangs below your lower arms are removed during this procedure. This can result in a dramatic reduction of skin and fat for a more desirable arm appearance. Excess fat is typically removed with liposuction and excess skin is excised.

Improved Contours- Arm lift surgery also helps to restore the skin’s elasticity, improving arm contours.

More Clothing Options– Prior to an arm lift many patients would avoid wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. Following surgery, you can feel more confident wearing any type of clothing you would like, and may even notice that your shirt size has gone down!

Better Workout Results– Prior to an arm lift, many patients have trouble seeing results from arm exercises. After the excess skin and fat are removed, you will notice that you will see better results from working out for a stronger you.

If you are interested in achieving slimmer, more contoured arms with an arm lift surgery, contact our office and schedule your appointment today.

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